Track Your Health

How many times have you been to the doctor and asked to rate your pain and your mind immediately goes “uhhhh…”


Allie Brosh’s Pain scale which I find much more accurate than the Wong Baker Scale

You are paying good money to see your doctor and you likely have a lot to report. However, with a chronic condition such as ICR or one needing Total Joint Replacement, it is easy for the days to blend into one; missed meals, canceling plans due to pain, restless sleep due to pain, headaches, and other complications become your new normal.

Often those in our community want to down play their symptoms or tell themselves that “today wasn’t that bad” out of fear of being a burden to those closest to them. However, that is a dangerous habit that makes it difficult to accurately track your health.

Tracking your days will provide you and your doctors with a real time reference of your pain level, triggers, sleeping habits, limitations, diet, what eases your pain, etc.

Even if you only track your health for one week prior to a major appointment this can be a great tool for you and your doctor.

Check out some options below on how you can start tracking  your health.

My Pamphlet:

  • Free download of a health tracker I created: health-tracker-sheasmith-org
  • One week of health tracking with space for you to write any questions you may have for your doctor on the back cover.
  • Print as a booklet
    • Print options: layout, double sided, short-edge binding
    • Fold in center like a book and staple center
  • Remember to take it with you to your appointment



  • CatchMyPain
  • catch-my-pain Cost: Free
  • Available: iPhone & Android
  • Track what caused your pain
  • Rank your pain
  • Highly visual



  • Chronic Pain Tracker 
  • chronic-pain Cost: $9.99 for Pro, Free limited trial  
  • Available: iPhone
  • Track pain triggers
  • Creates graphs and data for your Doctors




  • Healthminder Personal Wellness
  • healthminderFound on Amazon
  • $13.45




  • Pain Journal 
  • pain-journalFound on Amazon
  • $5.99