2 Days After Surgery

Shea is feeling a little better today. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic yesterday, so she’s still feeling itchy and drugged. All in all she has more strength, and is able to make herself comfortable. Not choking nearly as much anymore, and she has been drinking Boost to try and get some calories in.

18 Hours After Surgery

Shea is now 18 hours out of surgery, and doing much better then the previous night. She is able to drink water and eat baby food through a syringe as well. Lots of bruising on her ear, neck, cheek and jaw area, as well as good amount of swelling everywhere. Pain level is still pretty high, mostly because Shea doesn’t like the feeling of the morphine. Dr. Wolford will be by later tonight to check up on Shea, and to help Shea clear out her nose.

1 Hour After Surgery

Shea just got released from the OR, and is in the recovery room for the night. It is better watched than the ICU, so they decided to keep her there over night due to the length of her surgery. She now has 2 new jaw joints and a new face. You’ll see Shea is in a lot of pain and discomfort due to the surgery, and I’m hoping she feels better through the night.

Pre-op Appointment – Splint Impressions

Upper Jaw:

This wasn’t horrible… fitting large metal trays in my mouth was not fun for my jaw joints but all in all this was okay. It tasted like mint. The only time I got worried was when he took it out.. I really thought my braces were going to rip off. It was worse on the top than the bottom probably because I have such a high roof on my mouth.

Lower Jaw:

Just as the upper jaw this wasn’t bad. I was sore after, but it taste like mint and is nothing compared to orthodontist appointments I have had. This one you get to see them take it out and the goo on my face. I realize I am motionless in these videos and find them pretty funny to watch… I don’t know I guess took it pretty serious.