One thought on “5 Year Check Up

  1. Debra Redmond says:

    Hi Shea,
    I found your videos a couple of years ago and have watched them each a couple of times (I never have been able to find your blog or the website in times past,so I guess it was down then). I decided to look you up again to see if you had anything new and I was pleasantly surprised to find your website up with the 5 year update! Congratulations! Its amazing and gives hope to see you thriving!

    Your videos have been so encouraging to me along my process and I know you put yourself out there to do just that…encourage. So thank you so very much. Its sometimes a lonely process that most people do not understand, so to hear all about your experiences does help emotionally, and it also gives me a better knowledge of what to expect. I am a patient of Dr. W’s as well, and to see such a great case in yours assures me I’m in very capable hands. I’m having the exact same surgery you had. I’m still working on braces, so I am not sure when my surgery will be. Its been a very long road. But I’ve had some really good progress most recently, and that is encouraging and I know I’m on the right path. Watching your videos again has comforted me, as its been a year since I watched them.

    Thank you again for doing the videos and putting your life out there for us. Its probably the most documentation of someone’s personal case that I have been able to find. It is very much appreciated… more than I can say!
    Warmest thoughts for your continued pain-free life!


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