Photo Documentation – From Surgery to 18 Days After

Pictures documenting the past 18 days after my surgery with Dr. Larry Wolford to fix my Idiopathic Condylar Resorption. I had two TMJ total joint replacements, a Le Fort I, partial turbinectomies, and another procedure that removed bone that would hit my cheek bone and reattached major muscles that attach to my head.

2 thoughts on “Photo Documentation – From Surgery to 18 Days After

  1. Manya Metzler says:

    Hi Shea,

    I’m so grateful you documented your experience through this! I have ICR and I’m considering getting total jaw joint replacement as well as mandibular advancement. I was wondering, what is Le Fort I?



    • shealsmith says:

      Hi Manya,

      Thanks for asking! A Le Fort I is when they cut the upper jaw and move into proper alignment. My doctor told me that as my lower jaw receded my upper jaw began to grow in an effort to correct my bite. (It is amazing what the body can do). So when I had my TJR I also had to have to Le Fort I to remove some bone from my upper jaw (maxilla). Have you joined the ICR support group on Facebook? If not it would be great to have you.

      Best of luck!


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