5 Months After Surgery

Just a 5 month update. Things are going amazingly well. I am healthy and pain free. My range of motion is back to normal. I am working my way off the night time Klonopin and expect to have my braces off in the next few months. Everything was a success and Dr. Wolford did an amazing job. He is expensive, but worth every penny! I am still crazy underweight as you can see in my face, but the more my face heals the more I can eat so I hope to be putting on the pounds in the next few months.

6 Weeks After Surgery

I am finally able to talk and have the energy to make a little update. This month has been really tough. Very hard. Little tasks that you normally take for granted like taking a shower and getting dressed wear you out. I am finally off the strong pain meds and on a lesser one. Every day gets a little easier.